When I started cloth diapering, I used Baby Bits Wipe Solution.  These are great – you just drop a cube into warm water, let it dissolve, and in a little while, you have a great smelling wipe solution to make your wipes with.  My only complaint, as we continued to have more kids was the waiting part… all too often, I need my wipes solution immediately.

With that, I came up with a solution that both disinfects and moisturizes at the same time.

First, I have a small plastic container that holds about two cups of water that I use to make the solution.  I add each of the following:

  1. Two squirts of a Foaming Hand Soap (try and go for something natural/organic if possible)
  2. A quick shot of bath oil (for moisturizing)
  3. About 5-8 drops of Melaluca Essential Oil
  4. About 2-4 drops of Lavendar Oil
  5. Two to Three cups of warm water
Just adding the water to the solution mixes it up pretty well – I then dunk, squeeze out the water (leaving them wet enough to work well), and then fold in half and place in our wipes warmer and the rest in a plastic disposable wipes container.  I figure I have about 50 wipes and that gets me through about 3 days or so before I have to “make” new wipes.

You can also find portable wipes holders (something like this) to use on the go.  Most wipes folded in half will fit just perfectly into anything made for disposable wipes.