I’ve been trying to put together a blog for quite some time.  My biggest problem, which is kind of pathetic, is that I have not been able to pick one subject that I want to focus on.  I have a number of them started (privately, not published) – some about business, life in general, our journey into homesteading, organization, various topics relating to kids, babies, and parenting, homeschooling, and then more personal topics.

I have tried to focus and stay on track with one topic, but I’ve failed.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I am just not the type of person who has a one track mind.  Rather than trying to fight it, I’m going to embrace it.

This may result in total failure and a huge conglomeration of complete nonsense – if so, I’ll try something different.  My goal, is to eventually have accumulated enough material on given topics to be able to break them off into their own separate sites.  I actually have this site for a completely different reason than what I’m using (for another day), so someday, maybe all the material will be distributed into properly categorized sites.  Till then, looks like we’ll just work with a hodgepodge of information.