We have had quite an adventure these last three months.  With everything that has happened, I have done a lot of dealing with what I needed to, but otherwise disappearing off the face of the earth.  I have done my best to write things down here and there as they have happened, but I now realize that the story keeps getting longer and longer.  I figured that if I didn’t “return to earth” and start sharing soon, it may turn into a full blown novel.

Because the story has gotten quite long, I figured that it made sense to break it up into 4 parts that I will share over the course of the week.  I’m praying that not too much changes between now and then!

You can find part one and two of the story here:
Some Major Changes… (part 1)
Some Major Changes… (part 2)

Some Major Change


We continued to pray that a house would come up last minute.  Come May 28th, still nothing, so we reached out to some friends who graciously invited us to bring our entire family and stay in their basement.  Still hoping that a permanent housing situation would come up soon with it being the first of the month, we planned on staying with them for a couple nights.  Still nothing… so we moved back to the idea of taking a number of vacations and staying with our friends when we were back in town for Kevin to work.  We worked on planning a trip to either the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas or to Disneyland and a number of other southern California attractions and planned on leaving later in the second week of June.

A few days into our stay with our friends, it was discovered that their already in need of repair septic system could not handle the additional stress that our large family put on it and it backed up into their basement.  They had tried to have the system repaired the previous fall, but for one reason or another, repair plans continued to fall through and then they were dealing with frozen ground all winter long.  We now had to find a new place to stay and went with the quickest and easiest option of reserving a hotel for a couple nights.  We made sure to go to one with a pool, so the kids had a blast and thought of it as a mini vacation.

With no true options presenting themselves, we started to discuss the option of possibly just living in “vacation mode” for the month of June, July, and August – knowing that we did have a house that we could go into the first week of September.  On Tuesday, June 7th, we were invited back to our friends house (after their main drain was snaked) and we spent some time discussing our situation with them.  It was agreed that we could stay through the end of June… longer if necessary, but ideally, we would continue to look for a place and find something in the not too distant future.  Kevin called on a few more houses later that afternoon and set up a meeting to go see one in Monument on Wednesday, June 8th.  The house was being rented out directly by the owner and Kevin had discussed our full situation, as he had done so many other times previously with countless property managers.  The one great thing about this house was that it was available immediately, although I was not all that excited about going to see it – the pictures did not make it look all that desirable and it was on the high end of our budget.

On Wednesday, we headed down to look at the house and had a great visit with the owner.  We agreed that we both liked it and talked more about the ability to bring one dog and one cat… something that was still up in the air till the owner talked to his wife.  We left with the understanding that the owner would email us the application and that we would get that back to him that night.  We discussed that we had planned to take a trip the following week and that we would like to move in when we returned, which he was okay with.  It was really starting to sound like a true possibility.

That night, we submitted our application and the owner informed us that we would be approved assuming that all of our references checked out.  He requested that we sign a two year lease opposed to a one year, which we agreed upon… happily considering he informed us that we could bring our dog and our cat.  I was slightly hesitant about committing to two years in a “neighborhood” and would prefer to find a way to get back on land as soon as possible, but Kevin reminded me how fast two years go by and that it would probably be a good amount of time to take a break… especially considering my adrenal fatigue.

We talked more and decided that we didn’t want to take any chances with someone else coming in and offering to move in immediately and committed to postponing our vacation and moving in right away.  We set up a meeting to sign the lease and get the keys the very next day on Thursday, June 9th.  I had gotten my hopes up so many different times over the past two months, I refused to accept anything as actually happening till we had a signed lease and keys in hand… With how many calls the owner had received on this house in the last few days, he could easily back out and rent it to someone else.

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