We have had quite an adventure these last three months.  With everything that has happened, I have done a lot of dealing with what I needed to, but otherwise disappearing off the face of the earth.  I have done my best to write things down here and there as they have happened, but I now realize that the story keeps getting longer and longer.  I figured that if I didn’t “return to earth” and start sharing soon, it may turn into a full blown novel.

Because the story has gotten quite long, I figured that it made sense to break it up into 4 parts that I will share over the course of the week.  I’m praying that not too much changes between now and then!

You can find part one of the story here:
Some Major Changes… (part 1)

Don't know where we're going, but doing our best to find good in every situation and trusting that God has a wonderful plan for us...

A New Twist

As if all this has not been enough, I was realizing that I was not coming out of my first trimester tiredness as I would have expected.  It actually seemed to be getting worse.  After one appointment with my midwife, we discussed making sure that I was eating on a regular basis to confirm that it was not a blood sugar issue.  I was finding that food had nothing to do with it since I would get dizzy spells or come close to passing out even shortly after eating a complete healthy meal.  I explained to her the continued exhaustion and she suggested testing me for adrenal fatigue.  Sure enough, the stress of the last number of months had done me in and I was diagnosed with stage 3 adrenal fatigue.

It was comforting to now actually know what was going on with my body, but it was also very difficult to come to the realization that I was unable to do so many “everyday” tasks, let alone anything extra.  Dealing with the slightest amount of stress seemed unbearable… and although I now knew why, it didn’t make it any easier to handle the fact that I could barely function and take care of myself, let alone adequately take care of our five young kids!

My midwife put me on a number of supplements to help my body heal, but unfortunately, adrenal fatigue is not something that heals overnight… especially not when you are in the later stages.  I am still coping with the fact that the healing process can take up to two years, and trying to wrap my head around how it’s all going to work when we have a newborn added into the mix this fall.

Still Searching

After not being able to find a property within budget, we then went back to the idea of possibly living in an RV for a year or two.  We found a beautiful property in Elbert County that we completely fell in love with.  Unfortunately, the property alone cost 3/4 of our total budget.  Not to mention that the cost to run electricity (or set up solar) was outrageous.  We could spend most of the winter traveling and make our way back home once a week or so in order for Kevin to keep up with his work load that was mostly home based…  For a number of reasons, this plan completely fell through.  We were thankful that God was leading us somewhere, but really wished that we knew where!

Back to the drawing board… we started looking at houses for rent.  We opened up our search criteria to span from south Colorado Springs to as far north as Aurora and within a budget ranging in price by over a thousand dollars.  We pretty much dropped any and all filters that we had previously created, willing to even go down to one pet if necessary.  We spent the majority of our time looking at houses – I spent hours looking at listings a minimum of three times a day.  We left our schedule open so that we were able to go look at a house that came up the instant it was available.  We found nothing…
Did I mention that the housing market is crazy here?!?  Houses were generally gone before they were even listed.  If we were able to find one that was actually available, we were quickly turned down because the Real Estate agents were holding open the application process and taking the “best candidate” that came along.  Most of the time, they would receive many applications in a given day and unfortunately, our “big picture” did not equal “best candidate”… 5 kids, pets, and bad credit (a few hard years of self employment can do that fast).  We looked and looked and looked… and continued to find nothing.

Through this process, we were staying in a short term rental home in Monument.  We found and secured this property to lease for half of April and all of May.  When we signed the lease, we figured that would give us plenty of time to find a permanent home!  It was furnished and allowed no pets, so we had to find temporary homes for all the remaining animals and leave 95% of our belongings in storage.  It was complicated staying in a home filled with belongings that were not our own… especially with our 5 young munchkins, but we made due.

We were approaching the June 1st move out date quickly and nothing was coming up.  We did our best to be strategic about how many applications we actually paid for considering that they cost between $50-80 each time we applied.  We decided to plan a few trips over the next few months… if we were going to be “homeless” and staying in hotels, we might as well do so traveling.  We had to spend some time back near Parker every week or so in order for Kevin to attend meetings for work.  I looked at the next few months and saw the small amount of savings we had accumulated disappearing quickly with all these hotel fees.  It was now even more tempting to simply skip town and have Kevin take a job somewhere else in the country that had much more affordable housing options.  We both loved the idea of starting a new adventure somewhere else but decided against it as we had committed to Kevin’s new work position in Parker.

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