I have a new favorite app – and from the moment that I set it up, I can’t tell you how many hours it has saved me.  It’s called Unroll.Me, and it should be on everyone’s list to try.

This program automatically collects any subscription type email that comes through your inbox and compiles it into a very easy to read single digest email.  I didn’t realized how many subscription type email were weighing down my time till Unroll.Me actually identified and started collecting them.  What an amazing time saver.

Unroll.Me is free – all you have to do is sign up with your email address.  As you start utilizing features, it will ask you to share with others in order to do more, but believe me, this is one that you will want to share.

Once you sign up, it will compile a list of subscription type emails and you will have the option to include them in the digest, keep them coming through as regular email, or even to unsubscribe… and be done with them forever.  This feature alone makes it worth the time!  Truly a one click solution to unsubscribing that actually works!

You then decide if you would rather receive your digest in the evening or morning, and all of the collected emails are saved to a folder in your email labeled unroll.me.  This way, you are able to easily search history and dig for email that came through awhile back.  I found this comforting that they didn’t capture and keep all these emails.

So, give it a try and share how much time you are now saving on your email!