In addition to picking out your diapers and getting those ordered, there are also a number of accessories that you may or may not want as well.

  • The Diaper Pail…
    • This is probably what scared me the most.  I remember hearing about my mom using cloth diapers with me and I recall her keeping dirty diapers soaking in water (not even sure if this was true or not, but it’s just the image that stuck in my head).  So, I read about a hundred posts on the whole cloth diaper process and was so confused!  None of them ever mentioned water, so I figured they just assumed that we all knew that their had to be water in the pail!  For anyone else out there with a similar crazy idea – no water is necessary!  
    • We found a plastic Sterilite trash can at Target that works perfectly – it’s 28 quarts and holds a wet bag as if it were made exactly for it.
      trash can
  •  The Wet Bag…
      • You definitely need a wet bag for your diaper pail (or two or three).  We wash diapers one time per day (every day) and get by with just two, although there are times that it would be nice to have three.  This makes the entire process of transferring the dirty diapers from the diaper pail into the washing machine much cleaner and simpler.  When it comes time to wash diapers, pull out the entire wet bag, put into your washing machine, and turn inside out (so that diapers don’t get stuck in the bag).  I have not tried any others out there, but I’m a huge fan of the Diaper Laundry Bag.  They have lasted us this whole time and are still in great condition.

  • Storage Drawers
    • This set of drawers  works amazingly well to hold cloth diapers.  You line them up one behind another and it’s the perfect width.  Again, almost like it were built for them!  Obviously, not a necessity, but it’s something that I’ve found to be wonderful at keeping my sizes organized.  We don’t use the wheels, and every link I find online sells them in three packs – I think we just got ours at Target or Walmart and got just one.


  • Cloth Wipes
      • I know so many people that use cloth diapers but never got around to using cloth wipes.  I can’t for the life of me figure it out… it makes no sense to me.  You’re complete defeating the purpose and making yourself more work if you’re not using cloth wipes!  When I change a diaper, the wipes used go right along with the diaper into the diaper pail (or travel wet bag if we’re not home).  I don’t have to worry about finding a trash can to throw them away in, or about whatever chemicals they happen to put inside of the commercial wipes out there.
        Unfortunately, I think they stopped making the wipes that I fell in love with, but both of the sites listed above (Jillian’s Drawers and Nicki’s Diapers) have a good selection of wipes available.  I recommend trying a variety before investing in a bunch of them.   Nicki’s has a great selection, and Jillian’s offers a sample pack.
      • See my post on Cloth Wipes Solution for more information on wipes logistics.

  • Diaper Sprayer
    • This is something that we just recently purchased.  Honestly, I’m still a bit undecided about it.  Previously, we’ve always just soaked the poopy diapers in the toilet.  You let them sit for at least a few minutes (or all day) and then throw them in the diaper pail when you’re ready (as in, you need to put another diaper in the toilet, you need to use the toilet, or you’re ready to wash the diapers).  The sprayer is nice, but it does take some practice… our first number of sprays resulted in poop flying all over the bathroom!  (It does get easier with some time.)  It’s nice to not always have diapers sitting in the toilet, but… it’s also a little more work than just dunking them.
    • We’ve only tried one, but have been happy with the FLO sprayer.

  • Out and About
    • This is another area where I know many people that tend to use disposable diapers when they’re not at home because they think it’s too difficult (or for whatever other reason).  Again, I feel like this defeats the purpose… even if just strictly for the cost savings of not having to buy disposable diapers.
    • All you need is a travel wipe container (either something like this or like this) and a travel wet bag.  I’m a huge fan of the Planet Wise bags.