Writing a journal is something that I struggle with to do consistently.  There are so many benefits that come from it, so I constantly remind myself that it needs to remain a high priority.


I have recently come up with a template that I believe has helped improve my consistency greatly.  It consists of the following topic prompts to help structure my writing.  It also makes it easier, and even faster for me to get things down.  Rather than having to take the time of entering into a subject or idea, it’s already there waiting for me, all I have to do is expand on it.  No extra words necessary to introduce or close.

Also, a number of years ago, I converted my journaling to an electronic platform.  It was a very hard decision for me to make as I enjoyed the intimacy of writing in a nice notebook and having my handwriting as a testimony to my current emotions.  I went back and forth for the longest time, but finally decided to go for it.  Since I did, I’ve never looked back.  It was the greatest move I’ve made.

Why do I enjoy journaling electronically?  For one, I can type much faster than I can write.  Second, when my brain is flooded with thoughts, I can type out short notes and then come back and fill in as I go.  Third, for accessibility – in that it’s accessible to me through my phone, computer, tablet, or any other computer I need to get to it from, but also, it’s not accessible to anyone else without knowledge of my password.  Lastly, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I’ve been known from time to time to actually rip out a page just because my handwriting was messy and I wanted to re-do it to make it look nicer.  Obviously, this is not an issue with an online journal!


When I made the switch, I did a bunch of research on platforms out there, and unfortunately I did not keep my notes.  I did end up choosing Penzu though, and to this day, I still love it.

As one last note.  If you do choose an online journaling software and don’t share your password with anyone, I recommend writing your password down and placing it in a sealed envelope so that should anything happen to you, your family is able to access your writings.  This is, after all, one of the purposes of journaling, isn’t it?  To leave a legacy of learning and process and knowledge down to our children, our grandchildren, and generations to come.

Do you write in a journal regularly?  How do you make sure that you are doing so consistently?