This listing is simply to summarize the few posts that I have put out on cloth diapering.

If you’re new to cloth diapers and feel slightly overwhelmed by the options out there, you should start here:

Cloth Diapering – Getting Started

If you’re trying to figure out which diapers to try or why there are so many different options (pre-folds, pockets, all in ones, etc.), check out this post:

Cloth Diapering – The Options

 If you’re afraid of the whole process and making the change from disposables, the process of using cloth diapers is outlined here:

Cloth Diapering – The Process

 To learn more about everything else you might want to invest in to make cloth diapering a pleasant experience:

 Cloth Diapering – The Accessories

 Lastly, a little information on wipe solutions:

Cloth Diapering – Wipes Solution


Additional Resources

In addition to the postings above, some excellent resources are listed below:

the diaper pin – basic site devoted to diaper reviews, forums, and information on cloth diapers.  I should give fair warning that this site can be quite overwhelming.  They have reviews listed on hundreds and hundreds of diapers (some that are out of production and some that are produced at such a small quantity that unless you personally know where they are coming from, there is no point in looking at the reviews)

pinstripes and poka-dots laundry detergent chart – wonderful listing of a huge selection of laundry detergents and how they work with cloth diapers.  The whole point is that you are supposed to avoid enzymes, softeners, brighteners, scents, and dyes when choosing a detergent to wash diapers with.

Online Retail Suppliers:


Large Brands: